We returned to the US two months ago

13517833_1021807127889503_1445945269_oIt’s been two months now. We are all back into the normal flow of our lives. We’ve been going to graduations and weddings, celebrating moms and dads and mowing our lawns. Life goes on. Our friends in Guatemala are back to life as normal too.

I am thankful for technology because it allows us some contact still even though we have to be mindful and careful not to put our friends in danger. It’s a sad reality that posting on their walls can make them targets of extortion from others who see the relationship.

I have been communicating with my friend Gilberto through our FBC Westbrook page with occasional direct messages. Gilberto is the director at the Noah’s Ark Center where we fell in love with the staff and children. He is my friend now.  The picture above is one he shared with me this morning of his family. I’m going to hang it somewhere where I can see it often so it will remind me to pray.

Gilberto has been praying for me too. I’ve sent him pictures of my family and have shared prayer requests with him.

Life is back to normal for each of us but there are real and lasting differences. Our friendship is one of those differences. Another is that our church family is now sponsoring 19 of the children attending the Noah’s Ark programs and praying for them and their families. That is a huge difference!

13173819_10209618521239477_4488948626106910886_n13139275_10209618521039472_2341201680129415485_nI set a monthly alarm on my phone that says simply, “encourage sponsored kids.” It beeps its reminder and I go online and write to both of our kids. I encourage Tanya in Oratorio and write in a format for an 8 year old and then I write Vincent in Ghana and change to the 17 year old world. I’ve been told that sponsored children love the letters and pictures most and cling to them like gold.

Sometimes I get so depressed watching current events and seeing so much hate in our broken world. I feel powerless. But then, God reminds me that my job is to be faithful in my small circle and love those around me. He reminds me that I can’t change the world for everyone but I can make it a better world for one.

I can’t wait to hear from my sponsored kids. I’m so glad God has allowed me to connect with them.